360 Fitness Club

What if we told you that all it takes to get the fit body that you want is a quick, 30-minute workout? No treadmills, no ellipticals or any of those intimidating gym contraptions! 360 Fitness Club believes in efficient and functional fitness. Their work out programs will help you achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the process.

Advocating functional fitness, 360 Fitness Club employs proven exercise systems. These are routines that make an individual more productive in his or her daily life. The exercises aim to stimulate natural movements while working out all the muscle groups.

360 Fitness Club work with individuals regardless of their fitness goals and fitness backgrounds. Before embarking on the fitness journey, a fitness plan will be laid out. This will be your roadmap to success.

If you want a high fat-burning workout, 360 can customize an exercise for that specific goal.  Exercise regimes also vary if you want to build strength, stamina, endurance and powder. If a fun workout is your cup of tea, 360 also conducts some of the most enjoyable fitness classes in the country.

Not only that. 360 is also the pioneer in circuit training. If you need one-on-one coaching, the fitness club can also do this. Customizing circuit training is their forte.

Visit their Makati branch for a free trial and complete the circuit!

Metro Manila