Top Of The Glo

Makati is truly a pioneer when it comes to the mall experience. Worth mentioning are two of the city’s premier mall destinations which you can find in the Ayala Center node of the city.  (That’s Greenbelt and Glorietta to you, folks!)

But wait, Makatizens! Something brand spanking new this way comes, and it’s only an escalator ride away. As mall-going is now considered the nation’s top favourite pastime and as the mall experience is constantly being reinvented to further excite shopaholics and foodies such as you, Ayala Malls and Glorietta have unveiled an innovative outdoor concept in Makati’s very own Glorietta.

Makatizens, we’re sure you’ve heard rumours of it swirling. You’ve probably seen a teaser banner or two. Heck, we even had a think-of-a-name contest on social media a while back.

And now, Top Of The Glo has opened its doors to the public, Makatizens. Ride the escalator to the topmost floor of Glorietta (adjacent to Holiday Inn & Suites Makati), or slink past the back-alley of the Glorietta Cinemas, and voila! you’re at Top Of The Glo–a rooftop garden patio that we bet will soon be your favourite chill-out spot in the City That Makes It All Happen.

We here at Make It Makati took a stroll through the sun-kissed roof deck this month of April and took down a few notes and a snapshot or two. So do you want to hear what’s cooking at Top Of The Glo?

Have a mid-day picnic in one of the teepees, or better yet, at night, gaze at the stars of the Makati skyline. It’s a must-visit, Makatizens. 

Have a brewksi or two at Moonshine Kitchen amidst an al fresco atmosphere. It’s going to be your new favorite gastropub. 


If you’re after good Mexican cuisine, make a beeline to Tacoman By Silantro. Their burritos are life-changing, we heard.
Meat all you can with the best Korean barbecue in town at KPub BBQ.

Have a cuppa or two at the World’s Smallest Micro Cafe. Their pedal-powered booth is Instagram-ready!

But wait! There’s more to come in this exciting new Makati tambayan. Sprouting in the area soon are: Ichi Hachi, Planet Hollywood, Wing Zone and a UFC Gym!

Top Of The Glo has also played host to exciting events in the city such as Earth Hour 2018, where attendees got to glamp under the stars and learn how to operate telescopes with the help of the UP Astronomical Society.


Where else would go this weekend, Makatizens? Visit Top Of The Glo today and spread the word to your friends and family.

*All images are courtesy of Wincy Aquino Ong

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