Thanksgiving Mass

Here’s some good news for you, Makatizens! Of course, nothing is more synonymous with the Pinoy Christmas season than the Simbang Gabi (also called Misa de Aguinaldo)–a long-standing Filipino Christmas tradition that is comprised of nine Masses, usually held at the break of dawn.  In the Christian tradition, these are novena masses held in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in preparation of the nativity of our Lord.

And yes, Makatizens, every December in the City That Makes It All Happen, we partake in this beloved Christmas tradition. (Keep in mind though that these are anticipated Masses and they happen in the evening, not early in the morning.)

The Mass schedule is ideal for those who are off from work by 5:30PM. You can complete the grand Filipino Christmas tradition and hear Thanksgiving Mass (as anticipated Simbang Gabi) every evening at 6:00PM at the fountain area of Tower One & Exchange Plaza. It happens every evening until its culmination on December 24, the Christmas Eve Mass.

After which, of course, you can stay awhile to catch the dazzling display of lights and sounds at Reimagine The Magic: A Festival Of Lights. What fun it is on Christmas, right?


Celebrate the spirit of Christmas and give praise to Him! See you at the fountain area of Tower One & Exchange Plaza along Ayala Avenue and invite friends and family to come!

Photos by: Wincy Ong and Mike Raymundo 


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