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Makati is not only known as the Philippines’ financial hub but also the apex of urban living. It is a favorite leisure destination for its wide variety of restaurants as well as the clubs, lounges, and bars that keep the city alive way into the wee hours of the night – hence the coining of the now-prevalent term Makati nightlife.

Enjoying the Nightlife in Makati

Makati is one of the major party places in Metro Manila. When the lights go off in the offices and other establishments in the city, Makati City transforms from its daytime business setting into an almost surreal realm of mood lights, genre music, nocturnal cuisine, and privileged intoxication. It is as if the city is shedding off its tight-collared business suit and revealing the laid-back but stylish outfit hidden within. The Makati nightlife is the people’s way of unwinding from their high-pressure jobs, a time for them to laugh, chat, eat, drink, dance, sing, and bond with their friends or spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Some of the most frequented night spots in Makati City are the strip of bars and restaurants in the renowned Jupiter Street in Bel-Air Village. Yuppies – young professionals who like to hang out after work, especially to celebrate the end of another work week – are particularly fond of drinking their Makati nightlife away at bars and pubs. Crafted beers and mixed cocktails represent the city’s energetic and vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle hub, Ayala Center. But, happy hour isn’t limited to Makati bars in Jupiter Street. It is in the stretch of Legazpi Village, within Ayala Center, and other villages where people look forward to spreading the joys of Manila’s way of living and nightlife.

Bars in Makati

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Photo by Raffles Makati

Alcohol By Volume
Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village | +63 917 704 0942

Dubbed as ABV by the typical crowd, Alcohol by Volume resembles the speakeasy of the 1920s. The cocktail bar hides behind a large wooden door inside the Lazy Bastard. There’s an elevator shaft that gives access to ABV and its classic cocktails inspired by the nature of the Prohibition era-New York. Jazz music and live performances fill the air to embody the golden age and preserve its unpretentious ambiance.

Guests can select from the house’s signature cocktails to forgotten classic mixes. A selection of absinthes is also available. If that is not enough, patrons can request for the “Bible” which is an extensive list of drinks the bartenders can masterfully construct. Modern-day Gatsby’s and Fitzgerald’s can share their ideas, stories and wonder about the joys of life Address: over unique concoctions from mixologists.

Batala Bar
Philippine Artisan Trade (PH@ Gallery)
@batalabar | 830 Antonio Arnaiz Ave

Located across Greenbelt, Batala Bar is on the second floor of Hineleban Cafe. The bar is also accessible through the secret door in the Hineleban café. The bar is available for patrons who admire the exhibit or those shopping for local products. Well stocked with local crafted beer and spirits, Batala Bar shares the concept of the gallery. The bar gets its beers from two Filipino breweries—Juan Brew and Engkanto Brewery. These breweries make locally crafted beers and cocktails available to the public.

Blind Pig
227 Salcedo Street, Legazpi Village
+63 917 549 2264

One of the hidden gems of Makati CBD, Blind Pig is a speakeasy concealed within the lights and sounds of Makati City. It comes to life at night when patrons hunt for the metal Braille plate emphasized by yellow light next to Stockton at Legazpi Village. Blind Pig follows the concept of its roots, the Roaring Twenties. It is dark yet quiet and cozy. It plays old tunes and jazz which is ideal for those who wish to disconnect with the world. It’s the ultimate place for privacy.

Because of its location, only those who are familiar with it have access to their high-quality spirits. The drinks are top notch making it worth the price. The bartenders are also commendable as they come up with the craziest mixes. Try the ‘Bartender’s Choice’ if the menu is overwhelming. When visiting the Blind Pig, it’s best to make a reservation first.

Long Bar in Raffles Makati
1 Raffles Drive corner Makati Avenue
+63 (2) 555 9888

A rendition of the original Long Bar in Raffles Singapore, the Long Bar in Raffles Makati is the place to be for an old-fashioned night out. The bar serves the mixed drinks along with the classics—Singapore Sling, Vodka, Gin Martinis and Manhattans. It also gives out dried peanuts in the shell. On Fridays and Saturday nights, a live band plays the ’70s and ’80s light rock. Be there before 7 p.m. to catch the whole show.

The Long Bar offers unlimited drinks during happy hour which begins from 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. Enjoy hard spirits and flavorful cocktails with the “Chef’s Sampler.” The hot and crispy chicharon is a must-try! Wash it down with their excellent selection of beer.

OPL Building, 100 Don Carlos Palanca, Legazpi Village
+63 (2) 625 8818

For bourbon and whiskey, Mandalay is the place to be. However, don’t expect to get a full meal in this dark-themed bar. The place is a cigar bar that fulfills all liquor requests. The manager also takes time to answer questions on the different varieties of liquor they have. Get to know about the 200 bottles on its shelves.

Like other bars in Makati CBD, Mandalay offers an intimate hideout. It has a calm and relaxing ambiance perfect for nursing a glass of single-malt whiskey. As a first-timer, it’s best to go through the front entrance to enter its exclusive magical world.

Spektral Beer Lounge
The Beacon Condominium, Chino Roces Avenue corner Antonio Arnaiz Avenue
+63 917 153 4101

Spektral Beer Lounge is an A+ hangout place in Makati. It has over twenty taps which are all made of high-quality ingredients making it a perfect taste quencher. Because of the extensive drink selection, it provides free samples to visitors who aren’t familiar with different brews. Meanwhile, bottled beers are available for those who wish to take home fresh local brews.

On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, local craft beer brewers come over to launch their new drinks. Try out the samples before ordering the regular size.  Some beers are also unavailable on certain days leaving you to come back for more! The bar also serves Butter Beer, a non-alcoholic brew.

110 Jupiter Street
+63 (2) 895 4636

As one regular says, “Old is gold.” Strumm’s has been in business for more than 20 years. Still, it manages to stay above the modern pubs and bars in Makati by catering to late boomers and Generation X. Live bands are playing old songs non-stop. On top of that, Strumm’s serves alcoholic beverages, meals, and snacks for hungry and thirsty audiences.

Each night, two to three bands are playing the classics of the ’70s and ’80. Whether it’s R&B, Rock, Pop or Dance tunes, the performers never fail to entertain the guests. The party begins at 9:00 p.m. and finishes around 2:00 in the morning.

The Bottle Shop
Tritan Plaza Building, 103 Santiago Street, Magallanes Village
+63 (2) 8956175

The Bottle Shop is almost similar to a beer museum. Aside from the beer taps, it serves different varieties of bottled beer. It food choices is limited, it’s possible to get a taste of beers from Cebu, New Zealand, San Diego or Vancouver. Regulars highly suggest visiting the bar to get a glimpse of the thirteen taps of beer. The best day to visit is during their Thirsty Thursdays, but there might be a large crowd who also wish to try out its local and international brews. Stop by on a weekday after work to have a chance to learn about craft beer history in the Philippines from the bar’s knowledgeable BEERtenders.

The Curator Coffee and Cocktails
134 Legaspi Street, Legazpi Village
+63 916 355 4129

Clean and hip, The Curator Coffee and Cocktails is a place where different generations can convene over food and beverages. The magic happens at 6 p.m. It changes its menu from breakfast meals and coffee-based drinks to cocktails and other crafted creations. The cozy café where for chillin’ and get some work done becomes a bar where to take mind off things and have late night conversations with people close to the heart.

The bar is separate from the café area. It has enough room to fit the happy hour crowd. At the bar are shelves with bottles of alcohol. With mood lighting and subtle background music, watching the bartender prepare the drinks makes a show-stopping performance. In addition to the ambiance, the menu garners interest due to its humor. Like ABV, The Curator doesn’t place a limit on its list. It allows customers to come up with refreshing, flavorful drinks with ‘Get Creative’ and ‘Surprise Me’ options.

The servers are also worth mentioning. They are patient with explaining each drink besides having a flavor profile on the menu.

Dining Spots in Makati

raffles makati restaurant

BBZ Bar & Resto
Kalayaan Avenue Corner Algier Street
+63 (2) 777 2229

BBZ stands for ‘Beer Below Zero.’ It’s known for serving local and international brews below 0°c. Moreover, it’s famous to those who wish for a good chow while bonding with loved ones. It has two floors and al fresco dining spot for smokers. During the day, the hall on the first floor is available for meetings and other functions. The area transforms into a bar and blends into the restaurant’s interior.

The menu is a combination of Filipino dishes and European flair. There are pan-fried and grilled meat cuts, seafood, and an array of snacks perfect with beer. BBZ also serves coffee, but its selection of gin is what people go for when in the area. Cigars are also available.

Green Bar
252 Gil Puyat Avenue
+63 (2) 885 7537

An all-in-one package, this charming vegan restaurant is one-of-a-kind eating destination in Makati. From the healthy menu to its excellent service, the Green Bar is simple and features no frills. Those who wish to satisfy their cravings with plant-based meals can head to this quiet and comfortable restaurant. It offers delivery and takeout. Easily get a taste of crowd favorites such as the Breakfast Burrito and Cheesy Mc Cracklin’ Burrito on-the-go.

Mirèio Terrace at Raffles Makati
9th Level Raffles Makati, 1 Raffles Drive corner Makati Avenue | +63 (2) 795 0707

A thriving al fresco French bistro in the heart of Ayala Center Makati, Mirèio exceeds expectations. The restaurant’s contemporary pieces of furniture and avant-garde setting create a cozy hangout place for diners and hotel guests alike. Its attentive service along with the Provencal-inspired cuisine provides a charming environment to grab late afternoon snacks or romantic three-course dinner.

Enjoy a lovely breakfast with freshly-squeezed juices and baked goods. The continental breakfast comes with a selection of fruits, cheese, pastries, and meat cuts. The muesli is also a must try. Sign up for the Al Fresco Happy Hour and order some savory hors-d’oeuvre and canapés while watching the sunset and waiting for the Makati skyline to come alive.


There’s more to the city than bars, hangout spots and restaurants. Many other restaurants and bars add flavor and adventure to the Makati nightlife experience. Trying out different mixed cocktails, crafted beers and exquisite culinary creations of Makati is only part of Manila nightlife.  You can stroll down the streets of Makati after work hours and find the right drinking hole or gastronomic paradise that suits your mood, taste for adventure, or simply craving for excellent dining on any given night.

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