Give Yourself The Gift Of City Living Made Easier, Move In To The Flats

Just like that, it’s Christmas time in Manila once again. And yes, there quite a few stressful things that come with the holidays. Think about it. Everyone is stuck in traffic as they attend one Christmas party after another. Everyone is rushing to the malls and the bazaars for last-minute shopping errands. Even online delivery shopping and carpool services may take a while to arrive to your doorstep! Talk about the hassles of the holiday, right?

Yes, while you can pout and complain about all the stresses that’s synonymous with December, well, we here at Make It Makati, would like to suggest that you can do away with all that by giving yourself a gift that’s truly worth your money. Here’s one you should think about so you can have yourself a merry little Christmas–and a good feeling of finally being an independent adult. (Because the best gifts we can give ourselves are gifts that keep on giving, right?)

How about this? Make your 2019 the year of living comfortably in the city! The Flats Amorsolo is Ayala Land’s first co-living space along Amorsolo Street. It’s specifically designed for young professionals working in the Makati CBD, and yes, it introduces new standards of co-living in Makati. Think about the luxury of time you’ll be having, as the need to rush from home to work and back again is virtually eliminated. Say goodbye to the stressful hours you put into your commute, and speaking of resolutions for the new year, oh yes, make 2019 the year that you’d finally embrace independence and adulthood—with all the convenience already provided for you by the good folks of The Flats Amorsolo.

Want a more hassle-free experience of moving in to your new home in Makati? Yes, you may avail of The Flats Amorsolo’s intro rate of Php 6,250/bed/month for the first 6 months of lease!

It feels good to indulge a bit this Christmas, to start anew and welcome the good vibes with the coming of 2019 (the Year of Yin Earth Pig) by setting up a place you can finally call your own.

Finally, you can be a full-fledged, bona fide Makatizen. Work in Makati. Live in Makati. Your new home in the City That Makes It All Happen awaits. Reserve your slot now at The Flats Amorsolo. Leave a message at The Flats Amorsolo Facebook page or contact 0917-511-8113 to reserve. You may also visit to know more!


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