Drinking Fountains At Dela Rosa Walkway

Here’s some good (and refreshing) news for you, Makatizens!

As part of our campaign to promote the benefits of walking around the city, drinking fountains are now available at the Dela Rosa Walkway on the Paseo de Roxas and Rufino platforms.

Indeed, Makati is a city that keeps the needs of pedestrians front and center. These water fountains aim to improve your walking experience in the city.
In addition, the installation of these water fountains push the city’s efforts to reduce use of plastic bottles in our effort to achieve a zero-waste metropolis.

At the Paseo de Roxas and Rufino platforms, pedestrians now have access to drinking founatins. “Less plastic is fantastic,” is Make It Makati’s slogan in its effort to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Hence, the city recommends that upstanding citizens bring their own bottles or coolers and refill them with water from these fountains instead of purchasing water in plastic bottles. Yes, this saves you money too!

Makatizens, let’s keep our bodies healthy and hydrated, and let’s keep our city clean
and plastic-free.

Spread the good news and start using our water fountains whenever
you do your

Metro Manila