8 Ways You Can Help Keep Makati A World-Class Destination

Makatizens, did you know it was our beloved city’s 348th birthday last June 1?The celebrations ensued for the next 10 days, with street parades, art installations,  open-air film festivals, beauty pageants and many more.

Indeed, there is much to celebrate, as our city, the City That Makes It All Happen, has become an exemplar when it comes to, amongst many things, smart urban planning, walkability, waste management and traffic discipline. In short, we can pride ourselves as a city that bears the gold standard: As with how visitors from other countries can attest, Makati is truly a world-class destination. Yes, folks, after 348 years of hard work, we truly have become a city that can be comparable to destination cities in the world such as New York, London, and Rome. Be proud!

So we ask you: What’s your birthday gift to our city? Might we suggest something? We here at Make It Makati, the city’s curator of lifestyle and tourism, would like to ask for your help. Collaborate with us in keeping our beloved city clean, green, walkable, and most of all, world-class! It’s not that hard, really. These are simple and small acts you can do for the city. Keep these habits in check and the city and its many citizens will surely thank you for it. Let’s make Makati a hospitable and safe place to roam around in!

So without much further ado, here are 8 ways you, as a responsible citizen, a bonafide Makatizen to the core, can help keep Makati a world-class destination:

8.  Dispose of your trash properly.

Makati is truly a pioneer when it comes to waste management, as our no-to-plastics and garbage segregation campaigns can attest. Do the city a favor by throwing your trash in our bins and telling off litter-bugs you see in our city. If there are no bins near you, kindly put your litter in your pocket or bag in the meantime until you find one. Also, should you encounter other people’s trash on our sidewalks or roads, kindly pick them up and throw them yourself.

Be reminded to sort your trash neatly into biodegradables, non-biodegradbles and recyclables. It’s really easy, even our parks and malls have ready-made trash bins for the job. Just simply do your part.

While you’re at it, avoid spitting in public areas. Find a washroom and do it there.

 7. Know the smoking areas.

 We all know that smoking is bad for the health and yes, if you’re a smoker, your second-hand smoke can be harmful to other people who are within your vicinity. The city has already implemented Executive Order No. 26, a case for smoke-free environments in public and enclosed spaces. Know which areas where you can smoke. And while you’re at it, dispose of your cigarette butts properly.

 6. Clean up after your pets.



 Let’s count our blessings as our city is one of the pet-friendliest cities in Manila. We have so many parks where your fur-babies can frolic about. (Yes! Circuit Makati is a mall that’s ideal for dog-walking.) All you can do is be a responsible parent to your pets. Be sure to pick up your pet’s leavings.

 5. Keep the flowers where they are.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

 We’re sure you’ve noticed that our city has become a city full of blooms. Our many parks and mall areas have been turned into gardens teeming with flowers ready for the Instagram snapshot. But yes, folks, as much as you’d like to take home a sunflower or two, it’d be best if you leave them where you saw them. The flowers should be appreciated by everyone in the city, right?

 4. Follow traffic rules.

 It’s fair to say that Makati does a good job when it comes to traffic enforcement, thanks to our hard-working marshals. Review your traffic rules. Stay in your lane. Follow the traffic lights. Cross the street when the light is green. It’s as simple as ABC!

 3. Walk more.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

 You’d be doing the city a great favor, and your body as well, if you walk more around our city! Thanks to the Dela Rosa Walkway, the many underpasses and overpasses, the shaded walkways, you’d get to places faster, and while doing so,  you’re even lessening your carbon footprint on our planet. Let’s call that a win-win situation. Say it loud, folks: Let’s walk Makati!

 2. Park properly.

 There is no shortage of parking spaces in the city. And every street corner has a traffic marshal who can help you in parking. Practice empathy to other motorists– simply follow the rules and only park in places where it is legal to park.

 1. Don’t vandalize.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

 If you’re the artistic type who needs to get his work out there, why simply send us your portfolio! Didn’t you hear? Makati has so many walls filled with amazing street murals, from our underpasses to the ceilings of the Dela Rosa Walkway even down to our city’s pipe-works. Let’s not deface our beautiful city with unsolicited graffiti. Let’s keep our walls clean and pleasant-looking, folks.


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