5 Self-Guided Walking Tours You Can Take In Makati


There are plenty of reasons to go walking around the City That Makes It All Happen. The city being a walkable neighborhood is just one of them.

Due in no small part to the Dela Rosa Walkway (a 315-meter spine that runs from the Makati Medical Center until the Ayala MRT Station) and a network of overpasses, underpasses, and sunshades, you can get from one must-visit destination to another, whatever your interests maybe.

Whether you’re hankering for a contemplative stroll under leafy canopies, or you want to get the whole barkada hammered on a Friday payday, there’s something happening for every Juan and Juana that’s worth every footstep.

And who said you need a tour guide to go on a themed walking tour? All you need are your two feet, a water bottle and this handy guide and by all means, you’re all set on a self-guided walking tours in Makati!

In fact, we’ve got five here for you. The choice is yours.

A Walkathon Around The City’s Many Parks

Strap on your FitBit, lace up your Nikes, and start at Jaime Velazquez Park in Salcedo Village. As you do some stretching exercises, wave hello to the kids and the dogs running around the playground.

After a good warm up, go straight to the very heart of the city—the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Take in the sights of fire trees amidst the skyscrapers as you go a few rounds through the pathways.

Stroll past the Ninoy Aquino statue and cut through the Dela Rosa Walkway. Just a few steps and you’ll be in a state of Zen at the Tsuruki En Garden. Meditate as you walk through the bamboo grove, our miniature version of Arashimaya.

When you’re done, burn a few more calories at the adjacent Washington Sy Cip Park. Enjoy the piped-in music that features the greatest hits from the ‘60s before cooling down with some Gatorade.

Architectural Photowalk Along Ayala Avenue

If you’re a major in Architecture or you simply like taking snapshots of modern-day urban designs, then Ayala Avenue is the way to go.

Start snapping away at one of Makati’s most iconic landmarks—the Manila Peninsula Fountain. Zip past the zebra crossing to get to The Philippine Stock Exchange, where the awe-inspiring arch is a favorite subject amongst shutterbugs.

Traverse the length of the avenue and capture the shapes of marvels such as the Insular Life Building and the PBCom Tower. Make sure not to leave out the RCBC Plaza in your shotlist, as it’s akin to a space station straight out of Star Wars.

End your photo-session by making a U-turn back to the Greenbelt Park, where the sunlight can give all the natural lighting you want.

Mall Walk At The Ayala Center

Whoever said you could only burn calories in the great outdoors? Well, when in Makati, where there are plenty of air-conditioned and brightly lit spaces, you can rev up your metabolism while enjoying some good old-fashioned retail therapy.

Begin with a stroll down memory lane in ‘80s-cool Makati Cinema Square, where all the best ukay-ukay finds can be had at dirt-cheap prices. Brave a little bit of sun as you make a beeline via Legaspi Village to Greenbelt. Try on the latest in designer brands at the gallery of shops in Greenbelt 4, from Jimmy Choo to Prada.

Walk up the bridge walk and you’ll find yourself in Landmark, the go-to department store for affordable fashion finds. If your feet are still not hurting, go all the way to Glorietta where you can hunt for shoes and SM Makati, where flagship stores of H&M and Uniqlo will be winking at you.

CBD Art Walk

Makati is fast becoming a go-to city for artists, what with its annual Art Fair in February and its many galleries and museums. And what joy it is to combine walking and taking in great works of art!

Start with all the art at the Yuchengco Museum at the RCBC Plaza. Get your heart pumping as you go up and down the Dragon Gallery, a split-level exhibition space that features marquee names in contemporary art.

When you’re done, walk down the length of Ayala Avenue to the underpasses where you can enjoy the day-glo murals of street artists such as Rai Cruz and Quatro. Don’t  forget to appreciate the many sculptures in the area such as the Sultan Kudarat and Gabriela Silang statues by Jose Mendoza.

Go up the Dela Rosa Walkway all the way to the Ayala Museum, where (as of this writing) you can gander at works in metal by Eduardo Castrillo and paintings by Arturo Luz and Fernando Zobel.

If you hadn’t had your fill yet, burn a few more calories all the way to Glorietta 4, where you can buy paintings in venues such as Art Circle Gallery.

Pub Crawl In Legaspi, Salcedo And Poblacion

According to Wikipedia, a pub crawl is “the act of drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally travelling by foot to each destination”. If that’s anything to go by, then by all means, Makati is a city perfect for barkada pub crawls.

Start with a taste of the bubblies at The Curator in Legaspi Village, where the experimental cocktails are a favorite amongst critics. After that warm-up, head to Barcino in Greenbelt 5 for the best wines and tapas in town.

If you’re of a stronger constitution, walk next to the topmost level of the Lepanto Building for The Penthouse 8747, an Art Deco-inspired gastro pub, best known for their craft beer.

Cap the night off at Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli in Poblacion for a more spartan ambience, before binging on comfort food at The Filling Station.


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