5 Reasons Why The Flats Makes City Living Easier

A lot of us daydream about living in Makati. And we couldn’t blame you! After all, Makati is the city where most professionals come to build their careers. It’s also where the most happening arts & culture events take place and where the trendiest shops and restaurants crop up.

More than that, you probably hate the long commutes that take up much of your time when you’re coming home from Makati. The struggle, as they say, is real.

With these being said, we totally get why you would want to live in the City That Makes It All Happen. We’d even say that that’s a smart choice, and it’ll save you tons of money.

Now, fret not! It’s not that hard anymore. Everything will soon be a cinch. Thanks to The Flats Amorsolo, Ayala Land’s brand-new co-living space along Amorsolo Street, sooner than you think, you can have your own place in the city.

Read on and give it a good think. Here are 5 reasons why The Flats Amorsolo makes city living easier for you!

You can walk to work.

Oh, yes that dreaded two-hour commute home. Say, you live in Quezon City or Cavite, we bet that going to and from work takes so much time from your day, two or three hours of your life that you can never get back.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

Now think about it: If you had a place in Makati, one that’s just a hop away from the Dela Rosa Walkway, then yes, there would be no need for you to bring a car or take a packed MRT ride.

When you’re living in The Flats Amorsolo, you’ll put your own two feet to good use to get to places. More than that, think of the precious two hours you’ve won back, since you’ve eschewed being in a car stuck in traffic. After office hours, you now have the time to do things you’ve always wanted, from attending a yoga class to hanging out with friends after work. What a blessing, right?

Think of the savings you’ll make too: no more gas refills, toll and parking tickets.

The rent is so affordable.

 Most Filipinos are wary of the stigma that living in Makati is very expensive. While there is some truth to that idea, thanks to the sharing economy, innovative solutions are now in place. Think ride-sharing meets condo-living.

The Flats Amorsolo is a co-living space. You share a room with three other people. And by that, you also split the rent four-ways. Simple arithmetic, right?

And yes, at that price, The Flats’ rooms are clean and well-lit, and there is 24/7 security in the building.

At just an intro rate of Php 6,250/bed/month for the first 6 months of lease (which is certainly not a bad deal at all!), your dreams of living in Makati will turn to reality. Tell your friends all about it!

Everything is near you.

Here’s what makes the deal sweeter: Everything you need is within easy reach. Need some toiletries in the middle of the night? Just walk a few steps and there’s a convenience store right there. Forgot something in the office? Walk there. Need a jog in a park? Walk there. Want to catch the latest box-office hit movie? Well, Greenbelt 3 is just around the corner.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

Aside from this, the Dela Rosa Walkway, Makati’s longest elevated walkway is so near The Flats Amorsolo that you can walk its entire length and you’d end up in the Ayala MRT Station. Now that’s what we can all call an easy life! Your friends will surely be jealous of your walk-around-the-city lifestyle.

You can make connections with your neighbors.

Making a career in Makati, where competition is tough, certainly poses some challenges to newbies and fresh grads. The great thing with The Flats Amorsolo is you’re most likely to make friends with people who you’ve shared your room with, people who are in all sorts of industries.

Photo courtesy of Clock-In By Ayala Land Offices

It’s all about the right connections! Call it the Seven Degrees Principle. Who knows? Maybe your roommate could recommend you to that dream company where you’ve always wanted to get a job in.

Comfortable living spaces.

Designed by one of the most acclaimed architectural agencies in the Philippines, The Flats Amorsolo’s co-living spaces promises innovative room designs, ones that keep in mind the needs of its residents– from the need for privacy at night and security measures in safekeeping personal belongings.

Photo by: Wincy Aquino Ong

Take a look-see in one of its model units and you’ll see. (Did we mention the beds are so comfy that you’d fall asleep easily in a minute?

Now, who says living in Makati is hard? A new solution has arrived. With the Flats Amorsolo, city living has just been made easier.

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