10 Days Of Art

Makatizens! Do you know what’s happening in the city this February? Why, it’s the 10 Days Of Art–a ten-day art festival that showcases public art pieces, promotes gallery shows, and holds art talks outside the confines of the Art Fair Philippines in The Link from February 15 to 24. And of course, our beloved Makati being a City That Makes Art Happen, we’ve got some very exciting news for you!

This year proves to be quite exciting as the installations around the city are more massive and interesting than ever with three artists revisiting their old public art pieces, while a Dutch national collaborates with local designers for a larger-than-life video projection! (To see is to believe, Makatizens!)

How about an artwork that reminds us of our responsibilities to the environment? We have one right here at our city’s very own Greenbelt Park! French-Filipino artist Olivia d’ Aboville and Asian-American photographer Neal Oshima team up for “Plastics in Our Ocean”(2018), a two-part piece which will be set up at Greenbelt Park and the walkway that connects Landmark to The Link. The fully immersive installation hopes to remind viewers of the dystopia that can happen if we stop being mindful of our waste.

Opening this Friday, February 22 is Japanese sculptor Shinji Ohmaki’s experiment with stainless steel and LED lights at Ayala Tower One’s fountain area. The renowned artist has created a large vase-like vessel that plays with light and shadows. The piece titled “Gravity and Grace” was first displayed at Toyohashi Arts Theatre in Japan in 2016 and is now gracing our city.

Now this one truly lights up the city at night! Manila-based projection designer G.A. Fallarme, Dutch artist Henk-Gert Lenten, and Filipino 3D motion designer Gedrick Roldan join forces to produce a large animated video projection of Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” This arresting work of video art will be projected at the facade of the Manila Peninsula from February 15 to 24, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. A definite must-see!

Another canvas of creativity worth exploring is, of course, music. And yes, have we got some exciting music ready to tickle your earbuds. In line with the 10 Days Of Art, we’ll be having buskers ( street performers doing acoustic sets) playing for you ten days straight in areas around the city, from our parks to our walkways, and other venues! (Yes, we at Make It Makati, chose eight of the best performers from close to a hundred submissions. Whew!)

Do catch live one-hour acoustic sets from the likes of Kai Atienza and Gold Navea and enjoy ten days of music and art in our beloved city!

Here is the schedule of shows and their corresponding dates, time slots and venues:

February 15, Friday | 12PM | Krizzy Clamor at the Greenbelt Walkway

February 16, Saturday | 5PM | Gold Navea at Jaime Velasquez Park

February 17, Sunday | 5PM | Gold Navea at Legaspi Active Park

February 18, Monday | 12PM |  Jello Reyes at Paseo de Roxas Underpass

February 19, Tuesday | 12PM | Krizzy Clamor at Greenbelt Walkway

February 20, Wednesday | 5PM | Zebedee Mateo at Paseo de Roxas Underpass

February 21, Thursday | 5PM | Zebedee Mateo at Greenbelt Walkway

February 22, Friday | 12PM | Kulas Basilonia at Paseo de Roxas Underpass

February 22, Friday | 5PM | Alvin Roxas at Greenbelt Walkway

February 23, Saturday | 12PM | Jayson Ramos at Greenbelt Walkway

February 23, Saturday | 5PM | Kai Atienza  at Jaime Veasquez Park

February 24, Sunday | 12PM | Jayson Ramos at Greenbelt Walkway

February 24, Sunday | 5PM| Kai Atienza at Legazpi Park

See you there!





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