Paseo de Magallanes

Situated right inside Oakridge Plaza within Barangay Magallanes in Makati City, Paseo de Magallanes is one of the most modest yet highly fascinating shopping malls in the area. Overall, it features interesting specialty shops, excellent service centers, and popular restaurants. For those who want to enjoy fine dining experiences, they can visit first-class restaurants like Racks as well as Dencio’s Bar and Grill, both of which offer delectable Filipino and international cuisines. In addition, shoppers can also have sumptuous snacks and refreshing drinks by dining at outstanding fast-food chains inside Paseo de Magallanes such as Brother’s Burger and Dayrit’s Burger, especially after spending long tiring days at work and at school. Furthermore, this first-rate Makati City shopping center also features the educational institution Sky Academy Inc., which offers people tutorial classes on various subjects such as English and Chinese.


ADDRESS: Unit 301 Oakridge Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City

Contact No: (02) 728.9801/ 02

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