What's On in Makati City Philippines

  • Saguijo Café + Bar August Gig Schedule - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Saguijo Café + Bar August Gig Schedule

    AUG 01 [FRIDAY] Revolver: The Purplechickens “Halang Night” w/ Bullet Dumas, Imago, Pedicab & Peryodiko     AUG 02 …

  • The World Domination Report - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    The World Domination Report

    Call it diaspora, call it a trend. Jessica Zafra calls it World Domination. Listen to the state of affairs in this unique phenomenon 20 years in the …

  • Maker Festival 2014 - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Maker Festival 2014

    Left-brained, or right-brained? The Maker Festival is the perfect platform for web-based makers, thinkers and inventors, here in Makati!   …

  • Game of Thrones, Fantasy Epics and Geek Civilization - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Game of Thrones, Fantasy Epics and Geek Civilization

    Hey Game of Thrones Fans in Makati! You might think GoT is all “Bronns” but how about the brains behind it? Jessica Zafra takes you to a …

  • History Comes Alive! With Professor Ambeth Ocampo - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    History Comes Alive! With Professor Ambeth Ocampo

    It’s only in Makati where History and Art comes alive. Listen to Professor Ambeth Ocampo as he discusses the legacy of the iconic Luna …

  • The Internet of Things - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    The Internet of Things

    You definitely have an eclectic mix here in Makati City. If you’re into internet technology, hardware and electronics, then The Internet of …

  • Future Classics: Jeline Oliva - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Future Classics: Jeline Oliva

    Could you hear the sound of the future? That’s only possible in Makati! Listen to the musical stylings of today’s  future virtuosos, …

  • Ernest Concepcion: Day With The Master - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Ernest Concepcion: Day With The Master

    Where else could you spend time with an artist, but here in Makati? Ernest Concepcion lets us take a peek into his creative process as we tap our own …

  • Journey into Space - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Journey into Space

    Elevate your artistic sensibilities right at the heart of Makati City, with Fernando Zobel’s Journey into Space, an artistic voyage capturing …

  • Triumph of Philippine Art - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Triumph of Philippine Art

    A true homecoming, A Triumph of Philippine Art is an immersion to contemporary visual arts of renowned Filipino artists from the 1970s to early …

  • Happening This August at Holiday Inn - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Happening This August at Holiday Inn

    Sweet inspirations and celebrity recipes are on the spotlight at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati for the month of August. We've invited chefs from …

  • Tea Time with Kate Spade New York - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Tea Time with Kate Spade New York

    We put a stylish spin on the classic Afternoon Tea with our Prêt-à-Portea series featuring fashion’s queen of quirk, Kate Spade. …

  • Afternoon Indulgence at Cafe Jeepney - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Afternoon Indulgence at Cafe Jeepney

    Pair our sumptuous selection of sandwiches and pastries with free-flowing coffee or tea for a truly indulgent afternoon of catching up with family …

  • Life Force - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Life Force

    Join LA-based Filipina artist Jana Benitez at the opening of her solo show! This is an exhibit the art-lovers of Makati are going to love! The show …

  • AgileDevCamp - Makati City | http://www.makeitmakati.com


    Want to improve your knowledge of web development? Make it happen in Makati! Learn to develop advanced web applications with ASP.NET MVC applications …

What To Do

  • Makati City - Market at Salcedo | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Market at Salcedo

    Whether you are looking for fresh seasonal produce, ordering food for the family or spending time with people … more

  • Makati City - Market at Legaspi | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Market at Legaspi

    Partake in a spectrum of goods ranging from specialty foods, organic products, fruits, vegetables, fish and … more

Where To Stay

Where To Eat

  • Makati City - Chocolate Fire | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    Chocolate Fire

    When it’s time to treat yourself to something sweet, give yourself the purest & finest chocolates. more

  • Makati City - MANTECA! Salsa @ M Café | http://www.makeitmakati.com

    MANTECA! Salsa @ M Café

    Classic foot stomping, hip-shaking, salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha, rhumba & samba all wrapped … more


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